hi there….
its July….2014……good golly miss molly time flies..!
i have been very busy….how about you..?

ive marked down some of my latest paintings since it is summer and people usually spend all their money on beer and tanning lotion….if you are pale and white then i really like you..!

i am trying to raise money to buy this guitar that i really need…..haha….no kidding…i am old and i need things quicker now because who knows how long i have left..?..i was never exactly a health nut….

i am selling my django guitar…..its the Big hole model…it plays extremely well….it has a neck shaped just like a real french model….the neck profile is wide and very flat on the back….it is a Paris Swing brand ….it is Asian made but is much nicer and more authentic than the Gitane models..it has a nice loud big bark when you bash out those hard rhythm chords…..and it solos very nice……help a brother out..!!!!

my new album…EDDIE’S GARAGE..here’s the first track..have a listen honey..!
great music for cleaning fish or cooking chill…or having a drink and staring at your feet,,

Blue Moon….by Lamar Sorrento..from the album Eddie’s Garage

go here


you may have to copy and paste that…i cant figure out why just now
and check it out,,,,you can downlaod it or buy a hard copy…or wait till it is itunes or amazon.,…probably by early FEB 2014..or ..none of the above,,,

it was all recorded right here in Memphis town.,, ..It’s blues..in a way.,..its in mono.,.,.,for your pleasure,,……., i sell the whole CD for only 5 dollars direct from me…..and it sounds way better than an MP3…



if you buy a painting…i send you one free….

otherwise mail me 5 dollars and i will mail you one.,…,contact me and i will give you my address if you want to get one..i would love you for it,,,

garage cdcd back


i get a lot of people asking me about  my celebrity client list that was on my old website…..it got erased..but since many people are so into celebrity i will try here to remember most of the people.,,,here they are in no particular order,,,i am not saying i met all these people,,,very few  i met in person in fact.,,,,but i know they either bought one or got one or whatever way obtained one,,,and like it,,,

neil young, jackson browne, david lindley, jimmie vaughan, marty stuart, drew barrymore, michael hutchence, keith richards, bobby whitlock, mark knopfler, richard bennett, susan sarandon, meryl streep, kim richey, john kay,  charlie sexton, david caruso, jaan uhelszki, huey lewis,  lucinda williams,  wilco,  kinky friedman, the band  great white,  johnny colla, etc etc……i know there is  lots more,,,,,my mind slips,,,i will come back later and add more when i can remember better,,,if you are a celebrity and have a painting of mine , drop me a line,,,





any questions…call me anytime.,,, .area code nine-oh-one 262-6985

or email




photo of me (above) by

J. Shimon & J. Lindemann

two wonderful friends of mine..

any questions…call me anytime.,,, .area code nine-oh-one 262-6985

or email