hi there….
its july 15 , 2015  happy new year.

its pretty hot, huh…?..Memphis is…!!!!!!!

my brand new cd is out….SUPER FANTASTIC VOYAGE…..

it is blazing 1960′s style folk rock….you can buy it on the ART FOR SALE PAGE…

please take a look….i wrote all the songs except one….blazing Rickenbacker 12 strings…


if you are on HWY 61 near Clarksdale…go see the Tunica Visitors Center Blues Museum…i just painted a giant mural inside it….its a cool old building…its right before you get to the casinos……its on HWY 61 just north of the Horseshoe Casino entrance road….its in a Blues Museum thats attached to the Tunica Visitors Center..its acool place…..they have stuff to look at and stuff to buy.,…and bathrooms too…


summer time  big announcement…


from now on…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..forever….!


my previous  album DIRT AND BONES is still out and for sale..right here…it is terrific…hard core delta space jam blues….

only 7.99 ..post paid..

see it/buy it on the ART FOR SALE page….thanks


i sent off my DNA to be checked,,,for my past history…,,to one of those labs..where you pay , like …200 dollars……it turns out , i had an arrest warrant from 1764 still open on me..i wish i had never sent off my sample,,,,i am laying low…and i am no longer wearing shoes with big buckles on them..




did you see my paintings in the movie Boyhood..?…they were featured in a scene…..i am cleaning off the mantle for my Oscar..

also i appear in the HI Records documentary Take Me To The River……the story of the legendary Memphis Willie Mitchell studio…an incredibly cool place to go and record or just hang out



i get a lot of people asking me about  my celebrity client list that was on my old website…..it got erased..but since many people are so into celebrity i will try here to remember most of the people.,,,here they are in no particular order,,,i am not saying i met all these people,,,very few  i met in person in fact.,,,,but i know they either bought one or got one or whatever way obtained one,,,and they like it,,,

neil young, jackson browne, david lindley, jimmie vaughan, marty stuart, drew barrymore, michael hutchence, keith richards, bobby whitlock, mark knopfler, richard bennett, susan sarandon, meryl streep, kim richey, john kay,  charlie sexton, david caruso, jaan uhelszki, huey lewis,  lucinda williams,  wilco,  kinky friedman, the band  great white,  johnny colla, etc etc……i know there is  lots more,,,,,my mind slips,,,i will come back later and add more when i can remember better,,,if you are a celebrity and have a painting of mine , drop me a line,,,





any questions…call me anytime.,,, .area code nine-oh-one 262-6985

or email




photo of me (above) by

J. Shimon & J. Lindemann

two wonderful friends of mine..

any questions…call me anytime.,,, .area code nine-oh-one 262-6985

or email