happy non-religous holiday

i am out of orange juice and am so upset that i can barely think.

i now have to go beck to rite-aid to get a jug of it and must take the chance of getting in line behind “Ms. Senile of 2018′ ..

when that happens , i bring up one of the lawn chairs they sell and grab a magazine. right now i am enjoying how Princess Meghan is the anti-christ.

i am not posting anything new for a long time…i am contemplating just quitting this grind and just paint whatever i want and then throwing it in a pile and then having a labor day yard sale or something. people are bugging the living hell out of me about stuff. i feel like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer….one that is turned on…not one that is just sitting there, to be clear.

but many of you know that i exaggerate wildly and often just plain lie.  as the old Roadhog said, ‘a man that don’t lie ain’t got nothing to say’.