outdoor cafe

i ordered a sidewalk fried egg but i sent it back because it was too runny inside….i hate half-assed service,  so i went to the chik-fil-a and got a breakfast ‘chicken and biscuit’, it was worse than the sidewalk egg.,,…. great biscuit technology has been around for decades but now the chik-fil-a has sunk it to an all time low. chik-fil-a is the Titantic of biscuit making. i would swear they are made in china and shipped frozen by the ton,  on large container ships just to get your 3.99…….. it makes me feel good to know that all these drive-thru millennials will never taste  the glory of a great biscuit. 

nota bene: if you are looking for me on Facebook, dont bother….i am off it….i am done…..i was the only person on there that i found even mildly entertaining, and i’m not trying to be vain. Facebook is the bottom, the absolute bottom.

have you tried to read any ‘news’ articles from ‘newspapers’  online..?..its like trying to enjoy a sandwich in a room full of flies..

jesus christ…stop it with all the popups and scams and come-ons and join up come-ons….jesus …ad-blocker really makes them mad….wait till the last few daily hard copy newspapers close up shop….then Orwell cometh big-time..