my least favorite month for sure. how about you…?

i was born in august , which doesn’t increase my fondness for it.

there are no holidays in August, because it is the most miserable month.

marilyn monroe died (was murdered) in August.

and it goes on and on…

it is the month when humidity really struts it’s stuff.

it is the hottest month worldwide.

we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima in August 1945. that made it even hotter.

well gee i sold a couple of good paintings  yesterday so maybe august isn’t the worst month…but after pondering it, yes i still think it is…i am so  tired of the heat..i am not a cotton plant , i dont need hot sun to make me grow and thrive.

also….unlike the photo of me on this page, my hair is now white , not totally but plenty white. i feel like Dear Abby , who ran the same picture of herself in her newspaper column for 40 years.