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detour–there’s a muddy road ahead

well, in case you are keeping score, my sabbatical is sort of over but it may reappear soon, like a bad cousin. a detour can be a ‘dancing lesson from God’ according to Kurt Vonnegut, the sophomore’s favorite writer…do YOU have time for a detour ?…sure you do… .  


going to

i think i will be  taking a sabbatical , which is the ego-maniac term for quitting work. i have several good paintings  still for sale on this website but i may not be adding any more. but i never say never. i have some big mural type things to be done but they are all […]


something always new here

Cain and Abel.. “3And it happened in the course of time that Cain brought from the fruit of the soil an offering to the Lord. 4And Abel too had brought from the choice firstlings of his flock, and the Lord regarded Abel and his offering 5but did not regard Cain and his offering. And Cain […]