i had this one

up for sale…but i decided to keep it….

but here it is to look at….maybe you don’t like it….. but i do…

i have a place to hang it.

i live in a boxcar in the
IC Railroad train yard. its private but man is it noisy sometimes..

but i dont get many jehovah’s witnesses or mailmen bothering me.

has anyone ever, that you know, or maybe you yourself, ever answered the door at around 11:30 am on a saturday to find a man in a white shirt and black tie and a woman dressed in some kind of quasi-frontier garb and they are holding literature about jehovah etc. and you take one  and then it hits you.,….yes…damn…yes…this is what i have been lacking in my life. !!..someone i can complain to and blame for my deformities and stuff, and then before you know it, you quit your job, sell your car , write a check for all your money and the next thing you know you are in Rockford , Illinois going door to door in a poor neighborhood with a strange looking woman named Wanda who has a tattoo on each finger of her left hand  that spells  “rape”,  which she has to deftly hide from sight when handing out literature.

And i thought my life was weird. I keep hoping they will tow this train car that i am in to Florida, but for 6 months it has not moved but i sneak out after dark and bring back boxes of Popeye’s fried chicken and quart sized fountain cokes. Living well is what you make it.