i know i drag my feet and some of you are disgusted with my slowness in filling your order

i assure you i am not being pompous or a butthole, i am just

a. forgetful

b. easily distracted

3. ok i am slow.. i admit

4. i don’t mean any disrespect to you

5. i am glad for every order i get, no kidding , but stuff just slips away from me. there are so many fun things to do each day and sometimes they are all i can do…and at my age naps are numerous..!

6. i need an assistant to get me to work (see photo)

7. i get more excited about things that i think up  to paint  than things that you think up for me to paint (no offense)

8. if you ordered something for christmas for me to paint…i am going to do it..! if i were you i would remind me dec 1st..it will not offend me.

9. i can not accept any more orders to be done by christmas…