hey look at me

i’ve got some, i am not sure how many, illustrations ( i call them paintings) that i did for this magazine , quite a while back…almost a year. they have  finally come out, i see. i dont have a copy of the magazine and i  dont know where to get one, we dont have any bookstores in Memphis, that is how advanced we have become,  but i am sure that this will lead to bigger things for me, like, getting a new vehicle, getting a  new hairdo, hiring a beautiful assistant, helping me to help achieve world peace  and  getting me a big  supply of Foster’s Beer in the big-ass can and getting me some more hand guns.


should i  .. DYE MY HAIR AGAIN, YES OR NO….?? …..  It’s pretty much all white or close now……if i do it , then my whiskers wont match it…that’s my issue with it  …    i wonder how McCartney gets away  with it…?    he must shave twice a day.  do you
Sir Paul..?