i see a new painting in your future..!

the swami sees all……well, the baby swami was correct,

i sold the dylan that i had just painted.,..,its disappeared. like magic…like, baby Swami magic…so i got no new ones now.

i am working on some new art  but it wont appear on here….i am waiting for baseball season to start so i can just watch baseball all day and i am hoping the Cardinals make some smart trades this year.,

\please Cardinals  don’t renew Wainwright, he’s done, get down there in the Caribbean and  find some guys who live on an atoll and they throw baseballs 4 miles to the next island…and please let Adams  go..he was good but now  good lord .he is  too old,.,,.and fat.,.get some 20 year old kid who is hungry…

the Astros spend less on salaries than the Cardinals and look at the great players they have….!!..get it together Mr. Busch..