i’m bout done

there is no way that i can paint as much good stuff and sell it too, on this website,  as i did last year. i wont even come close.

i am still painting some requests for people, and i have some new stuff in mind but i dont know when it will get done. i’m kinda wore out,

i might make a comeback but maybe now nobody wants anything i do anyway.  the end can come from either end.

the year is nearing 1/3 over, i think i sold 3 or 4  paintings off the website. Granted, i did some  big projects for people, projects that you won’t know about, so i havent exactly  been in bed for 3 months.

i am trying to grow flowers and plants in the backyard. i built a 8 ft tall wooden fence.  i been making flower beds..it looks like hell but  with flowers…i spend half of each day screwing around in my wreck of a backyard., i have my own parking spot at the Home Depot Garden  shop.

.i discovered that an old man, me, using a hoe , will maybe last 5 minutes before instant death grips you from behind, like being grabbed by a giant grizzly bear. . so i do a minute and a half then sit down. and its not even hot. i must finish before the heat gets here or i will be baked dead  in hard mud,,,,…….but i could just be making all this up.


i have a real good  musical combo now The Paisley Junkyard. its a duo may become  a trio.,….. it’ s good.,…. if you like vintage blues, rock, some hillbilly  and also some cajun music, then you can hire us for your party. we play good but not loud. so no cops will come, maybe.