this is how i feel when

i realize i am out of some colors of paint and it is 10 minutes till the art store closes and i still have to go to the bathroom really bad but i also  really need to finish some painting that night so i go over in my mind how to make brown paint if you don’t have any and i know there must be some way like maybe putting white and red and black together would that work? i cant decide if i need to go get some that is already mixed and does that make me a third class artist.? i hope it does because now i am about 5th or 6th class at best. so i will just lie here till it is too late to go to the store and maybe a vulture will pluck out my eyes and i can then take my dog Kenny down to the corner everyday and wave at cars when i hear them and  maybe they will think Kenny is cute and pull over and toss some coins at me and i will spend all day feeling around on the ground for them. what a life..