big news …YARD SALE May 18 2019…big one

i said i would do it..i backed out but now i am  back baby….

this Saturday ,, my giant Yard SAle at 1697 York Ave in midtown Memphis at 7 am repeat 7 am… is happening..!!

7 am till noon only.  one day only.

i got lots of paintings , big ones medium ones little ones all good ones…

i got music gear….guitars , amps, pedals you name it..good ones…. a Martin,  a Fender a dobro, some jazz boxes..2 really good 12 strings guitars …i got parts too…      all kinds of stuff.    i got electricity so you can try stuff out.

i got collectible 50’s stuff…..lamps , curios (i love that word), etc.

i dont really have any albums  this time…but i have some 45’s……… i have an 8 track player also..


dont miss this sale …… they are usually fast and furious..

i hope the weather is ok…. i have a covered porch so it is rain or shine event…!!

i haven’t had a sale in several many years.   i am turning 70 this year  (no kidding) in a few months , so this will be my last yard sale except for when i am dead and they sell my socks and everything.

i am not on facebook… please somehow paste this on your facebook page for me  and spread it around.,…thank you.

i am taking cash, credit cards or Paypal …also maybe a check but only if i know you  well  and even then i wont sleep for 2 days.