i was wrong

oh i was wrong , so wrong about the blues being so unpopular now….you all were right…it is popular still….

you bought a ton of blues guy paintings ¬†this week from my website…thank you…. it was good to see that real people are still out there and possessing the strength to mash some buttons.

my offer still stands to sell Natalie Portman a painting for one dollar ..!!…if she will just call me sometime. no big deal… if you dont want one, its ok with me. dont worry about it…i’m fine… in fact, just forget it , you know….go on down to Tribeca and hang out with De Niro and his friends or just do, you know, what Hollywood types do.. talk about your favorite roles, talk bad about other actors, talk about politics, talk about trying to get one of those new $500 dollar government monthly checks. if i get one , you can have Natalie. she has only acted good 3 times and those were before she got old. now she will just be on Lifetime Channel movies and will be forced to cry 11 times per movie.