i wish my smart tv had not died so soon

that’s about the extent of this post. making a post is a lot of pressure. is it supposed to reflect how i really feel ??..

and show  what i really enjoy or is it supposed to make you like me and approve of me,  so that you will buy art from me.. what is it’s true purpose. ?

i will step right up right here right now and say  ‘i dont care if you ever buy anything from me’ . you can still enjoy my posts or not. this is not facebook , so you can not ‘unlike’ me or report me. you bunch of big babies.  you can however, go to facebook and talk bad about me to your ‘friends’ .

how do you feel about the Oxford Comma..?.,…i think it is gutter trash. it is useless and confusing and has ruined several marriages.

Joe beat his wife, chopped off her feet, burned her fingers , and divorced her. ……..see…?

then how do you feel about the grotesque overuse of multiple ellipses………?