i’m working….well not yet—-see update below

   i painted a lot last week…..people have already bought  most all of  them .!!!..that makes me feel good…

..i have a new painting , almost done,  of all the u.s. presidents, painted on an old enameled metal table top. it is near done.   also  pretty soon i am starting a large Battle of the Alamo on some big sheet of metal.

i’m resting now. i got tired from painting  so much, i had other new paintings  that never made it to the website,  plus now i have to do yard work  which i find brutal and demeaning..



***** I finished the presidents painting,  then to my horror i discovered that i left out one president.  i  had to go way back and add him , then redo all the ones after him.  i will not say which president  it was.

some people would get mad  as heck or get depressed but i didnt . i just accepted it and said, ‘well maybe the ones i redo will come out even  better this time, i felt like Tony Robbins or Dale Carneige(do you know who he is..? you can find his books at yard sales and Goodwills, he is good for you to read.)

.anyway,  for a minute i felt like i had won some kind of race   but then  slowly i went back to normal ,   back to Loser-ville and checked in to The Ding-Dong Hotel.

Blind Lemons birth name was Lemon Henry Jefferson. the name Lemon was not some goofy negro name like watermelon or potato, it had nothing to do with fruit. it is a noble name , too bad that stupid stoners like Cheech and Chong liked to make fun of him.  what a couple of stupid assholes they were anyway…….  go here and read this, it is very interesting…   https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=lemon