i’m not doing much of nothing..big price cuts…!!

  lookie here, i’m not doing nothing, i’m busy but i’m not doing nothing, i cant possibly imagine what its like to spend 8 hours a day working in some office, driving on a freeway there and back., good lord….traffic jams….cops…. people shooting at you in your car.. good lord..

i know i sorta did that once upon a time, i think,  but is the past even a reality,,,?..did it happen….?….once your mind goes, you coulda been the President or a football star or a outlaw. it doesnt matter , all you are studying now is how to make a cup of coffee.,.. you are just a cup of coffee maker. that’s still being something…

i can’t wait till i get my free 500 dollar a month check for doing nothing. i plan on giving lessons in doing nothing to supplement my 500 dollar government allowance. once people in Mexico and beyond get the news of the free 500 dollar monthly checks  then everybody down there will move here , en masse.

if you drive from Ft. Worth to El paso it takes 2 days and you wont see nothing but desert and scrub plants and rabbits., you could fit everybody in Mexico there and you would never notice….so,  come on senors and senoritas, , bring some more diseases up here,  just dont take away my chair.