Ok….I am painting…..a lot…

I am just not posting them for sale…but i might soon,….the never ending  heat has almost killed my will to live….

if you cant find me on facebook , it is because i am not on it….it sucks beyond belief. i challenge you to spend your time a LITTLE more wisely..


 Ok…..Mr Hotshot movie maker ….if you make a movie and

someone vomits or defecates on camera in the first 2 minutes of the movie , then YOU DONT GET TO

MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE , EVER !! you retarded dickhead.  !!!!

…have any of you noticed that Baby Doll the movie was remade as The Misfits…?  


Eli Wallach is the same person in both movies not to mention the 2 hot blondes and the bleak surroundings…I hope they gave Tennessee Williams a cut, Misfits that is my favorite Marilyn movie, I don’t like Baby Dollvery much  because it just brings back memories of rural  mississippi , the bleakest place on earth, especially when it rains ,  it’s slimy muddy endless  ooze can induce suicidal thoughts in even once happy small innocent children..     I won 400 dollars on this

last week…ca ching.