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What are these people doing..?

this is New Orleans…. where they don’t over charge you for shipping like they do in Memphis.. i’m Finished i’m Done , not Irene Dunne , just done. Not  Irene Ryan who played a Granny Clampett. if you want free art , go to  Moscow, the showplace of Socialism. tell them the Germans sent you. […]


Christmas and other news

i have posted a lot of new things but I am having trouble putting them in order so poke around ,if it says ‘add to cart’ then it’s for sale…if it says ‘sold’ then it’s not for sale. im not taking any more Christmas orders… I’m out of gas. People are killing each other over […]


the holiday that i hate…

NOVEMBER 4 , 2019… i like thanksgiving..the food is generally good..although i must say that people above the Mason-Dixon Line have no idea how to make dressing…no idea at all.. i dont like christmas…its sad…. i am cutting off orders for christmas gift paintings soon….i alreadyhave a list….i’m old now and its getting difficult to […]