Unfair taxes ..let us Riot

Taxes on internet sales of used items is unfair, unjust and nothing but gluttony of the pig governments. Gut the bastards.!

When I sell a new product , that product gets taxed, as it should. You can not keep taxing that item every time it is sold and handed down. There’s a word for that..Excessive  …. also try Abusive….

excessive shipping charges and this  new butthole sales tax levy are going to kill eBay…not Amazon, as they selling mostly new stuff ,.

a guy in Minnesota who goes to his shed and finds an old hammer and sells it to me on Ebay for 30 dollars and ships it to me in Tennessee , why does a Tennessee get 3 dollars tax for doing nothing …?

I say..Revolt….every time you see a State  vehicle , spit on it.

send letters cursing you local congressman , who is probably dipping his nasty hand  into this new tax windfall..

Sell your eBay stock.