Where’s the art , Lamar…?

Shipping increases are killing me  ,  not to mention demoralizing me. If I raise prices people won’t buy…I’ve seen that in many cases already….., people think of me as The Dollar Tree artist. And nothing more. maybe I suck and i always  will….Of course , at their job ,they want a good size raise every year at least, but me….I have to keep my prices the same for 25 years..merry Christmas I think I will just quit..

i already had to close my retail shop at the Yellowstone  National Park Mini-Mall and Burn Center. The poor store manager, a lovely Native American lady named Face Like Pony was greatly saddened.

in September I closed my Sorrento Gift Shop at  the southern Arkansas Tri-Cities Regional Airport and Skeet Shooting Range. Sadly, my business never got off the ground.