Ok…..I’m loving being broke

May 26, 2020.

I got my stimulus check…it had a note on the side said “ribbed for her pleasure”


ok….I am painting a lot…I have over 20 new ones piled up…I’m having an art/yard sale late July/August unless stuff gets even worse…let’s hope for some relief…

im gonna try to have 50 or 75 paintings done by then..or more..


her are a few of the new ones I have….if you want one, you can get it ..you have to email me or call…

i don’t have these set up for Paypal or for delivery…

i am just now barely easing back in to shipping stuff.. up may  not start again..

but inquire please,  if you would like one..


i will announce a week or two beforehand..my art yard sale..


im selling quite a bit locally ,.picked up from me at my super convenient midtown Memphis location.