I’m selling stuff and shipping again

disease,,, virus….death…..pestilence….?

I no longer care..

i read this book..(see below).. I loved it.

if you try to sleep 18 hours  and then you find that everything in your freezer expired 10 days ago but you’re really hungry and you are sick of tomato soup..is this depression…?…the heat is stifling….it adds to the recipe..is this depression.?..you wanna go gamble but you can’t..is this depression….?..you have eaten more eggs in the last 4 months than in the whole rest of your life..you are  close to starting smoking cigarettes .is this depression.

.what’s the look forward.look like….?.pretty grim huh..?..is this depression…?  I’ve eaten  so much tuna fish that I can take your temperature by putting my finger in your mouth…get it..?..excess mercury content, I felt that if I didn’t explain that then it would upset the woman you asked me about a painting that I had for sale and I had it described as measuring 18 x 36 and she wrote and asked me if that was in inches..?…what could I even say…?..is this depression.?