all the presidents mens


this is on a old enameled metal table top that i found. i love these things for painting on. i get so excited when i find them…it is 25 x 39 “. it weighs 12 pounds,  so figure out how to hang it so that your jacked-up grandkids don’t jerk it off the wall and break the dog’s legs with it.

it has an edge about 3/8” deep so if u have a strong wall and a good nail you can just hang it on the wall that way. the table is indestructible but i cant be responsible if it becomes a weapon or a sled.

i have all 45 presidents on it. cleveland is on it twice because he served 2 non-consecutive terms.

this painting is really hard for  me, i doubt i will do another one.

that’s not a sales pitch , it’s pretty much the truth.



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