bowie … big ziggy


big…..55″tall  x 38″ wide……that’s over 4 1/2 feet tall..!..that’s taller than some people that i know……this is about my best painting,  i would say….your opinion may differ.

it is painted over a mass produced canvas print that  i got from this awful woman down the street who had thrown it away, while she was thankfully moving.

it was a mall type print of Da Vinci’s Creation of Adam except it was just the two hands almost touching.

she, and her horrible child both laughed at me when i told her i was going to paint over it.  i guess she thought i was a street bum.

the original frame was i pulled it off.

i took it home and bang !!..this just came on  out,   like a race horse.

i had to fashion a wooden side brace for the back to keep it straight and have a place to hang it from……the frame i made is…guess what…?..crude looking..!..hey they call it primitive art…!..

but it all fits together as a thing that i made…the whole thing is not heavy…

you could take this to a frame shop in a nearby strip mall to get it framed and they would charge you more than what a heart transplant costs.

shipping will probably cost me 250 dollars but that’s included in the price…please don’t cry for me Argentina.



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