Bowie Changes


10 x 20 on art board in a barnwood frame (ok, i know barnwood  does not really represent Bowie but i guess it does in some way)…..this one will not be for everyone or maybe not anyone……i had this dream the other morning…..i was painting a big square painting of Bowie…i had painted colorful swabs all around the edge and had kind of his head started, kind of a Diamond Dogs look….and i was singing a Bowie song which does not exist but i wish i could recall it….anyway , in the dream Bowie appeared and told me to put an elephant in the painting…soon after that , i woke up…….after breakfast i laid back down and started dreaming the same dream, except this time Bowie told me to put two giraffes in the painting with him……and then i woke up again…well……to make a long story short , it is not a square painting now  and  there is only one giraffe in the painting but it is pregnant…!..i’m not making any of this up..


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