chess checker board that i made


its is very sturdy…..i put the heavy steel  legs on it… i will have to unscrew them to ship it…they will be easy for you to screw them back in. it will cost a good bit for me to ship because it is heavy.. put this out on your porch and sit back and drink beer and play checkers.

it will never tump over …as you can see, my chess pieces are really too little for this board.. you need some big heavy chess pieces for it, not giant ones but you know, but sensibly big…..i made it about a year ago.

its 20″ tall , the top is 25″ long by 22.5 inches wide..

it was just a plain brown  heavy game board when i got it..i am not sure what kind of game it was. it may not have even been a game board but as soon as i saw it shouted…’hey , i want to be  a chess board..’

it works for checkers too….i lost my checkers..



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