dylan box purse case whatever


ON  SALE….POST HALLOWEEN MADNESS SALE..!!….limited time only..

13 x 14 x 7   ..this is an old old miniature accordian case..a HOHNER….if the damn latch on it would lock i could seLl it for more as a purse, wouldn’t that be cool..?….as it is, maybe if you live in Kentucky or Florida then you could get by with just wrapping a bungee cord around it and carry it filled with rolls of quarters so if some hillbilly tries to mess with you, then sling this magic Dylan box upside their ignorant head and put their lights out.  While the world is sleeping , i am up making this stuff.  Won’t this look special on your mantle instead of a Rubik’s cube or whatever you have up there now..?…  and you can put your weed in this, although i do not condone the use of that  evil weed, Willie Nelson doesn’t speak for everybody. give me a cold 25 ounce can of Busch.


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