Mr. Bob Dylan….the frontier cowboy adventurer


26 x 28 on wood that the guy at the shipping place gave me,…he is nice.

he gave me quite a bit of it….its better if somebody gives you something and you use it instead of you just buying it..

notice the house, it is floating in the air.. you can float a loan but its hard to float a house. i had to quit painting it quick before it realized its position in the world.

bob dressed as frontier meat hunter, indian fighter, ex-muleskinner, lover of dance hall girls who fled from whatever town to escape whatever death they imagined was coming..

from masked and anonymous… .

Why is he here? A man. He’s a trespasser. Doesn’t know his place. Of course he doesn’t know his place, he doesn’t have one. Man, the bear hunter, the fur trapper, the deer chaser. The lowest form in existence. A spoiler, an agitator, stirs up trouble wherever he goes.- The zoo, the aquarium, prisons for animals. These animals cannot learn anything from mankind. Man doesn’t have a thing to teach them. Man is here to conquer and destroy and after he’s done with the animals, he’ll turn on himself. You’ll see. I avoid looking at human beings. They disgust me so much with all their atom bombs and automobiles


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