Mr. Charles Patton


8″ wide by 10″tall on a store bought art panel.

my favorite of all the blues guys. i can’t even figure out what was on his mind when he was recording some of these songs (maybe nothing more than where to buy a bottle of booze when he was done) and what other songs he had but maybe didnt ever record. he seems like he is singing directly to you,  to spook you , with these weird sounding tales.

and also thanks to some jackass on the internet, the entire world now  thinks that Patton opens Down the dirt road Blues by saying he is ‘going away to a world ‘unknown’.   he is saying ‘going to Illinois”..not to  a  ‘world unknown’. he is rhyming ‘Illinois’ with ‘Long’ in the ‘wont be worried long’ part. he doesnt even consider that a stretch. he does much worse to the english language in other songs…

‘world unknown’…that sounds like something that some dickbrain Bostonian blues scholar claims is accurate because he has never lived in the south and heard people actually talk, i mean old black people from way out in the Delta,

you can hear funny rhymes in lots of his songs, if you aren’t from Boston and wear button down shirts and khaki pants and play and sing in coffee houses to stupid girls from private schools who are fascinated with your  vast knowledge of the rural south.

whereas Howling Wolf when he was singing, if he needed a word at the end of a line he just used any word at all , that had no bearing on the previous lyrics  and wasnt even close to rhyming.., he did it just to keep the song going. he didnt care. he was great and didnt have to care.. i bet he never sang take 2 of a song in the studio.

back to Patton…what blues guy from the Delta was given to thinking in esoteric terms of other spheres of reality outside of this world..?..?.that he might be going to…?…none.

he can slur his voice  on almost any syllable to make it rhyme another syllable in the next line . he does it all the time. i dont know if he was drunk or just trying hard,



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