mr. dylan espouses love and theft as a way of life


i usually have  several 150 dollar dylan paintings  around but now here is an 1,100 dollar one…and its worth more, i am here to tell you friends…it features a chicken and some hay and part of a flag.

.its 30″ wide and 52 ” tall..on a very old canvas…. thats  tall,  cowboy..!..  bigger than a snow man.  speaking of snow, we have had none. last year at this time i was pronounced dead due to hypothermia , while on the couch..!.. i came back to life due to the dogs licking my hands. lucky for me i had eaten a hamburger pattie  barehanded,  earlier.

i saw the Dylan comeback show around 1999  at the New Daisy on Beale Street in Memphis when the album was sorta new. it remains the best show i’ve ever seen. it started off with strobe lights and Dylan doing Not Fade Away..and got better with each song.


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