Saturn Bar…New Orleans

Product Description

24 ‘ high by 30″ wide……i dont think its wrong to make something more exciting looking than it is in real life, do you..? that would violate the premise of the entire wedding photography business.

stay tuned…in the coming weeks, i will be producing a flood of new orleans art…i am kinda sick of painting stuff that doesnt excite me , just so i can maybe sell it….i love new orleans and all its great images…it’s an image paradise..i hope you will check them out….pobably later in july, i will start posting them here, if they come out good……crossing of fingers……

i am trying to raise money to finish my dental work…its coming along and soon i hope to not look like a reject from i am pricing some stuff a little higher for a while….not much higher, god knows its not possible to hardly sell any decent art cheaper than i already do..

the ‘r’ on my keyboard is screwed up….have to mash the hell out of it….i hate bugs me…..really bad..


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