the Janis the Joplin


12 x 12 on an art board enclosed in a new frame with glass on top…so its bout 13 x 13″…

people are always asking me to paint them a Janis and it puts me under pressure because i dont know how to paint her but i try….so i decided to put the onus on someone else and make them have to like the one i already painted. it will be a standoff.

on the bizarre side, i have no idea why i used the heart shape instead of the word ‘heart’ , its very third grade of me, but i think i was out of room to write ‘heart’ so i thought, why the hell not..

its not as bad as certain people who use numbers like 2 and 4 instead of English  prepositions. that is sad.


help my carnival career get off the ground..

i have a new mini-novel called Carnival Bride in the works..





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