new speedway boogie


this is painted on some panel i got from at a sale (actually they were abandoned but they never got wet, once this kind of wood gets wet, i dont want it.) it was from some kind of carnival or ride or some kind of scenery.. i cut them up, they were big.. this piece is about 30 x 38..i cut it…. its not very straight on one edge. thats the only edge i cut. lucky for you.,

i cant cut anything straight, when i cut the cheese  it comes out crooked.

i know people are tired of this same pose i often use for the Dead. i am tired of it too but i like it. this is the last time i am using it. i have to come up with another one.

please excuse the bad  color in the photo…it looks much better in your real is both bright and dark at the same time, kinda like The Dead.   it  will have a wire hanger on top.







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