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sitting on ready…lookin on purty…7/6/2020

Life is good…now….”.soup and a peanut butter sandwich everyday…just like in 3rd grade,,,Amen..         Phone Nine O one 262-698five  email How are you…?..fine I hope..! All these are for end of July 2020 yard/art sale is still to be decided on having or not…leaning towards not, I am. im selling quite […]


vita brevis , pes longa

Website closed until further notice….not gonna be shipping nothing..if there is something out there on my website that says ‘for sale’ it’s probably a mistake so don’t buy it.. but I will paint stuff that you can come pickup in my driveway… or I can drive by your house and throw it in your yard..or […]


April 1, 2020…….world goes weird..

I am  not sick, so far, and I hope you are not , ever , but if you are,  then I am sure that you aren’t looking to buy art , so you would not be reading this anyway. I’m not going out of my yard   .