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It’s hot and we are in hell

wearing a mask and trying to go out  do business is’s crap.. but I endeavor to persevere,  as do you… lets have another stimulus soon , like a lot,  mister or misses  butthole just print it, it’s not real money, so give us a lot..! i will be restarting Dollar Store Monday, after Labor […]


New days new ways..

Well..last week i started posting new stuff for sale and available to ship.. it went over with amazing success..!!!!!!! stay tuned…before this next week is over I plan on posting some new stuff, the likes of which you have not seen..from me… 7/23/2020….bulletin…although I   have good new stuff ready..I am gonna be several more days […]


I’m selling stuff and shipping again

disease,,, virus….death…..pestilence….? I no longer care.. i read this book..(see below).. I loved it. if you try to sleep 18 hours  and then you find that everything in your freezer expired 10 days ago but you’re really hungry and you are sick of tomato this depression…?…the heat is stifling….it adds to the this […]