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Worst movie ever made—- happy holiday..!

Wonder Woman 1984… I was surfing looking for a tv station that had Family Guy on, the best show ever made, by the way… I gave up and looked thru the free HBO movies…I caught at least half maybe more  of this debacle. all the cry baby industry leeches in Hollywood could have taken the […]


It’s party time , you alls..!

yes….! The Two Timers ..we are a small Memphis combo that plays everything. Blues ..bob dylan….Beatles..rock n name it……in Memphis Area.. we have a small footprint and big sound.. footprint meaning..we could set up on a small rug.. we play real good but not loud..just loud enough to be terrific…. we will play small […]



this singer is Thomas Wayne (Perkins), brother of Johnny cash guitarist Luther Perkins.,.with Scotty Moore on guitar playing a Telecaster..!..judging by the Fender P Bass this is around 1958-1960 or so. Thomas had a big hit with the song Tragedy around 1959 on The Phillips label out of Memphis….he died young in a car wreck […]